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The recruitment database

In Sigma Theory: Global Cold War, agents are the player's controllable characters.

Recruitment[edit | edit source]

At the start of the game, the player may choose a team of four agents from the total roster to run their missions. The roster of available agents expands as new agents are unlocked. Each agent has their own story, motivations and traits that define their behavior during missions.

List of Agents[edit | edit source]

There are a total of 62 agents available for recruitment.

Portrait Agent Unlocked Elite Intelligence Strength Traits
88888888.jpg 88888888 x 6 6 Seducer, Loyal, Stubborn
Aphrodite.jpg Aphrodite x 5 4 Seducer, High-profile, Master of Disguise
Double K.png Double K x 8 1 Elite, Hacker, Loner, Pacifist, Methodical, Anonymous
Gamera.jpg Gamera x 7 1 Hacker, Loner, Arrogant
Maestro.jpg Maestro x x 4 8 Firearms Expert, Seducer, Wheelman, Intricate Web-weaver, Honest
Mystery.jpg Mystery x 8 1 Pacifist, Weak-willed, Methodical, Loner
Venom.jpg Venom 6 5 Firearms Expert, Seducer, Bloodthirsty, Puppet Master, Jinx
Saint.jpg Saint 7 4 Black Belt, Master of Disguise, Survivor, Honest, Patriot
Tiger x 5 6 Knife Fighter, Survivor, Eel
Gypsy.jpg Gypsy 5 5 Wheelman, Omerta, Jinx, Eel
Espoir.jpg Espoir x x 7 6 Elite, Pacifist, Black Belt, Honest, Eel
Kepi Blanc.png
Kepi Blanc x 4 8 Elite, Knife Fighter, Survivor, Hasty, Smuggler
Red Sword.png
Red Sword x 7 7 Elite, Knife Fighter, Patriot, Spy Hunter
Green Crescent.png
Green Crescent 7 3 Seducer, Negotiator, High-profile
Leak 7 3 Hacker, Pacifist, Ghost, Stubborn
Shiva x x 2 9 Elite, Loner, Bloodthirsty, Anvil, Nag
Diplomat x 6 4 Elite, Bloodthirsty, Puppet Master, Negotiator, High-profile
Enigma 7 3 Hacker, Loner, Anvil, Honest, Weak-willed
Capture d’écran 2019-07-25 à 17.56.29.png Fortune 6 7 High-profile, Negotiator, Smuggler
Ansturm.jpg Ansturm x 4 7 Elite, Firearms Expert, Wheelman, Honest, Reckless, Loyal
Scar 6 6 Master of Disguise, Survivor, Omerta, Puppet Master, Smuggler
Catch.jpg Catch x 3 8 Pacifist, Honest, Weak-willed, Patriot, Black Belt
Tsuba 6 6 Bloodthirsty, Firearms Expert, Negotiator, Omerta, Smuggler
Liberty x 3 8 Firearms Expert, Reckless, Arrogant, Exfiltration Expert, Jinx
Shaolin 4 6 Black Belt, Master of Disguise, Eel, Hasty, Weak-willed
Inside Out.png
Inside Out 6 4 Master of Disguise, Puppet Master, Spy Hunter, Smuggler
Slavik x 7 3 Hacker, Bloodthirsty, Hasty
Noble 7 4 Puppet Master, Methodical, Anonymous, High-profile
Capture d’écran 2019-07-26 à 09.28.40.png Abertzale 5 5 Firearms Expert, Master of Disguise, Nag, Stubborn, Arrogant, Smuggler
Banker 6 4 Seducer, Negotiator, High-profile, Anvil, Pacifist
Peace 6 3 Hacker, Pacifist, Ghost, Clumsy
Sister 7 2 Seducer, Bloodthirsty, Jinx


Durak 4 6 Firearms Expert, Black Belt, Master of Disguise, Methodical
Judge 6 3 Pacifist, Loyal, Puppet Master
Padma 5 4 Loyal, Patriot, Pacifist, Honest
Mask 6 5 Bloodthirsty, Puppet Master, Loner, Knife Fighter, Arrogant
Bishop 5 5 Pacifist, Puppet Master, High-profile
Caliph x 5 4 Jailbreaker, Omerta, Jinx, Firearms Expert, Smuggler
Magician x x 7 3 Elite, Seducer, Master of Disguise, Jailbreaker, Exfiltration Expert, Omerta
Empress 6 3 Master of Disguise, Wheelman, High-profile, Ghost
Killer 5 5 Puppet Master, Bloodthirsty, Knife Fighter, Temperamental, Jinx
Capture d’écran 2019-07-26 à 09.30.52.png Master 7 2 Loner, Bloodthirsty, Negotiator, Nag, Smuggler
9413 3 6 Loner, Loyal, Firearms Expert, Knife Fighter, Arrogant
Anuman 4 6 Firearms Expert, Spy Hunter
Punch 5 7 Black Belt, Bloodthirsty, Temperamental, Stubborn
Ideal 5 4 Loner, Pupper Master, Methodical, Stubborn, Smuggler
Robber.jpg Robber 4 4 Hacker, Ghost, Jailbreaker, Exfiltration Expert
Zenith 6 3 Wheelman, Negotiator, Pacifist
Capture d’écran 2019-07-26 à 09.30.23.png Archer 4 6 Seducer, Arrogant, Patriot, Hasty, Knife Fighter
Rider 4 6 Knife Fighter, Wheelman, Loner, Honest, Ghost, Smuggler
Wolf.jpg Wolf x 8 8 Elite, Loyal, Weak-willed, Honest, Knife Fighter


Domingo 6 6 Hacker, Negociator, Methodical, Stubborn, Knife Fighter
Trojan.png Trojan 8 4 Hacker, Anonymous, Firearms Expert, Honest, Weak-willed, Loner
Rambler.png Rambler 7 4 Methodical, Firearms Expert, Spy Hunter
Aiekillu.png Aiekillu 8 3 Hacker, Pacifist, Methodical, Negotiator, Businessman
Morrigh4n Portrait.png Morrigh4n x 6 7 Vicious, Master of Disguise, Bloodthirsty, Negotiator, Seducer, Firearms Expert
Atomium.png At0mium 8 2 Pacifist, Master of Disguise, Stubborn, Honest
Jahrein Portrait.png Jahrein 6 5 Black Belt, Spy Hunter, Honest, Pacifist, Stubborn
Dealer Portrait.png Dealer Nigeria DLC 7 3 Negotiator, High Profile, Hacker, Stubborn, Bloodthirsty
64x64px Witch Nigeria DLC 4 7 Eel, Bloodthirsty, Knife Fighter, Master of Disguise, Exfiltration Expert, Arrogant
64x64px Pure Nigeria DLC 8 1 Puppet Master, Negotiator, Clumsy, Methodical, Pacifist
64x64px Warrior Nigeria DLC 1 8 Nag, Firearms Expert, Reckless, Bloodthirsty, Hasty, Jinx
64x64px Slaver Brazil DLC 7 2 Negotiator, High Profile, Bloodthirsty, Firearms Expert, Smuggler
64x64px Playboy Brazil DLC 7 6 Black Belt, Seducer, Puppet Master
64x64px Ward Brazil DLC x 7 7 Elite, Spy Hunter, Methodical, Omerta, Loyal
64x64px Babel Brazil DLC 6 6 Black Belt, Hacker, Hasty, Loner, Ghost
Daedalus.png Daedalus x 7 6 Hacker, Firearms Expert, Bloodthirsty, Arrogant, Tempramental, Elite