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One of many NPCs

In Sigma Theory: Global Cold War, there are many NPCs that the player's agents may interact with during their missions. By strategically using diplomacy and dialogue choices, agents can manipulate NPCs to their advantage.

List of NPCs[edit | edit source]

  • Terrorist groups : Give you tactical advantage / disadvantage on the ground
  • Lobbies: : Grant rewards for sigma research

Terrorists groups[edit | edit source]

% of relationship Effect
< 40 attack on player's country
> 50 attack on countries other than the player, lowering alerts
> 60 help agents during exfiltrations
> 70 help agents find weapon on action countries

Lobbies[edit | edit source]

Organization Name Action zone
The Opus Mariae Everywhere
The Ortega Circle Everywhere
The Caliphate of the Levant Everywhere
The Anti-Capitalist Brigades France / UK / Germany/ Turkey
The Savastino Cartel USA / Russia / France / UK / Germany
The Eye of the Dragon China / Japan / Korea / India