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The technology tree

Technologies are Sigma Theory: Global Cold War's equivalent of a skill tree. Each node unlocks special tools, bonuses, or traits to strengthen the player's agents.

List of Technologies[edit | edit source]

Careful, some details can change depending on patches. Taken from team's game docs.

Science branch Lobby associated Level Technology Description Effect
Neurosciences Council of States 1 MENTALIS A form of mental conditioning that results in an immediate and substantial increase in the intellectual power of an individual. Choose one:
2 HYPNOS This parapsychological rhetorical method allows its user to redirect conversations and implant ideas in the minds of others.
3 FIDELIS This subtle method of conditioning inspires absolute, unquestioning loyalty in any individual.
4 SOMA A powerful means of subliminal suggestion, capable of influencing entire populations. This has the potential to undermine democracy itself.
5 CONTROL This formidable technique allows you to mentally dominate a person via a simple conversation. This advance represents the end of free will.
Health Covarsys Pharmaceuticals Corporation 1 PANACEA This synthetic substance stabilizes the life cycle of cells. The benefits are too numerous to count, starting with a cure for every known form of cancer.
2 CHAMELEON Genetic and skeleto-muscular manipulation that allows one to completely alter their facial structure. This will be a revolution in the cosmetics industry... to say nothing of espionage.
3 MIRACLE A revolutionary bio-mimetic field dressing that can instantly treat almost any battlefield injury.
4 PSYCHOFLUX A process by which a mind can be transferred into a different body. For those who can afford the process it represents an indefinite extension of their lifespan.
5 LAZARUS A means of completely halting the aging process. In a word: immortality.
Robotics Defence Robotics 1 LIGHTNING By replacing tendons and skeletal muscles with smart nano-fibers, we can create soldiers with extraordinary reflexes and super-human speed.
2 SWITCH This learning combat AI is capable of making millions of decisions per second, managing a battlefield completely autonomously. Human generals may become obsolete.
3 ARES While wearing the ARES exoskeleton, a single human has the physical power of a modern tank.
4 FORCE 1 Autonomous combat robots can be deployed into combat where they will act autonomously. Imagine being able to put boots on the ground anywhere on Earth while taking no casualties. On our side, at any rate.
5 ABADDON This ultimate aerial drone is built of a new ultra-light ceramic, capable of withstanding a nuclear blast. Its AI is capable of autonomous operation and its clean nuclear reactor allows it to stay in the air indefinitely. The most worrisome aspect is its ability to self-replicate from recovered materials: a single ABADDON can become thousands in a matter of weeks.
Finance The World Bank 1 STABILITY The STABILITY project can predict financial market movements with effectively 100% accuracy. Theoretically this could be the end of capitalism as we know it, for better or worse.
2 SHARE An AI of unprecedented scale that can manage, for example, an entire nation's tax and payroll systems. Entire goverment ministries could be made redundant.
3 CLEAR COINS Imagine an economic system where there is no imbalance of information and every transaction is frictionless from Lagos to London. Everyone in the Third World can truly participate in the global economy for the first time.
4 E COINS Individual national currencies are replaced with a single global cryptocurrency. Corruption is theoretically impossible in a world where every transaction is part of the public record. This is also the end of privacy, one supposes.
5 ZERO With the ZERO system, demand can be instantly matched to global supply, eliminating local scarcity. This is the dawn of a post-money, post-scarcity economy, if that's what we want.
Astrophysics Star Frontier 1 SOLAR NETWORK With the perfection of hyper-tensile materials and laser energy transmission, the SOLAR NETWORK orbital solar stations can fulfill the Earth's energy needs for centuries to come.
2 GEOFORCE The GEOFORCE hyper-efficient ground penetrating radar system can detect fossil fuel and precious metal deposits anywhere on Earth. The last gold rush is upon us.
3 STRATOS The STRATOS aircraft is technically a low-orbit spacecraft. No matter what you decide to call it, its hypersonic velocities mean that you can travel from Paris to New York in 10 minutes.
4 DIMENSIONAL GATE The GATE portals let us transmit matter almost instantaneously across vast distances. Cargo ships and freight trucks are effectively obsolete.
5 INFINITY GATES Our new understanding of quantum HYPERPOSITION make it possible to teleport anything across any conceivable distance, and not just on Earth. This is the beginning of humanity as an interstellar species.