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List of Agent traits[edit | edit source]

There are a number of agent traits.

Icon Trait Description Effect Agents
Anonymous No hacker is better at covering their tracks than this agent; their intrusions will never be traced back to you. Failed hacking attempts will have no negative repercussions for your nation Double K, Noble, Trojan
Hasty This agent's preference for speed means faster results, but their lack of rigor can compromise their effectiveness. Reduces agent mission completion time. Increases likelihood of mission failure and reduces effectiveness of successful missions. Kepi Blanc, Shaolin, Slavik
Methodical This agent's rigorous approach to even the most basis tasks usually returns excellent results, though it does make for slower operations. Increases agent mission completion time. Reduces likelihood of mission failure and increases effectiveness of successful missions. Double K, Ideal, Mystery, Noble
Reckless A hothead who always prefers to stand and fight rather than run. Cannot flee during extractions. Will always choose combat option when faced with a decision Liberty, Ansturm
Arrogant Will never surrender, even when in mortal danger Cannot surrender during extractions Gamera, 9413, Liberty, Mask
Seducer Few scientists can resist this agent's charms. Increased effectiveness on all Seduction attempts 88888888, Aphrodite, Banker, Green Crescent, Maestro, Magician, Sister, Venom
Stubborn Accustomed to working alone, this agent may not always obey your orders during exfiltrations May choose different courses of action during extractions 88888888, Ideal, Leak, Punch
High-Profile This agent's cover is higher-profile than most, and needs to be extremely careful when moving between countries Agent will sometimes be delayed when traveling between countries. Increased likelihood of being arrested when fast-traveling to countries where they have arrest warrants. Aphrodite, Banker, Bishop, Empress, Fortune, Green Crescent, Noble
Master of Disguise Can travel freely, even in countries where this agent is wanted Will not be arrested when fast-traveling to countries with arrest warrants Aphrodite, Empress, Inside Out, Magician, Saint, Scar, Shaolin
Hacker Especially well-suited for hacking operations Increased effectiveness on all Hacking missions Double K, Enigma, Gamera, Leak, Peace, Robber, Slavik, Domingo, Trojan
Loner This socially awkward agent is incapable of seduction operations Cannot recruit scientists through Seduction 9413, Double K, Enigma, Gamera, Ideal, Mask, Mystery, Rider, Shiva, Trojan
Firearms Expert In armed confrontations, this agent is particularly deadly Increased effectiveness in all encounters when the agent wields a firearm, including extractions and capturing enemy agents 9413, Ansturm, Anuman, Caliph, Liberty, Maestro, Tsuba, Venom, Trojan
Wheelman More proficient behind the wheel of a vehicle during exfiltrations Increased travel distance during extractions when traveling in a vehicle. Increased likelihood of securing a vehicle during extractions. Ansturm, Empress, Gypsy, Maestro, Rider, Zenith
Intricate Web-weaver Handling double agents is this operative's specialty; their recruited agents wil require fewer visits to supervise Reduced frequency of supervision visits for all double-agents Maestro
Honest This agent is highly scrupulous and less than effective at bribery Cannot recruit scientists through Bribery Ansturm, Catch, Enigma, Espoir, Maestro, Padma, Rider, Saint, Trojan
Pacifist This agent may refuse to carry out orders that they deem too brutal. Will refuse orders during extraction that may result in a large number of casualties. Standard interrogations of this agent are more effective and violent interrogations are less effective. Banker, Bishop, Catch, Double K, Espoir, Judge, Leak, Mystery, Padma, Peace, Zenith
Weak-willed This agent is less effective at coercing scientist to defect Cannot recruit scientists through Conversion Catch, Enigma, Mystery, Shaolin, Trojan
Knife Fighter Especially proficient with blades Increased effectiveness in all extraction combat encounters when the agent wields a knife 9413, Kepi Blanc, Killer, Mask, Red Sword, Rider, Tiger
Survivor Toughened by training or previous traumas, this agent is very difficult to break under interrogation Requires more violent methods to reduce agent will during interrogations Kepi Blanc, Saint, Scar, Tiger
Eel If an extraction operation needs to be aborted, this agent's sixth sense for pursuers makes them especially elusive Increased effectiveness in all extraction combat encounters when fleeing Espoir, Gypsy, Shaolin, Tiger
Bloodthirsty A remorseless killer who will rarely pass up a chance to take a life. Standard interrogations of this agent are less effective and violent interrogations are more effective. Killer, Mask, Punch, Shiva, Sister, Slavik, Tsuba, Venom
Puppet Master This agent is more effective at convincing foreign scientists to defect to your country Increased effectiveness on all Conversion attempts Bishop, Inside Out, Judge, Killer, Mask, Noble, Scar, Venom
Jinx People that this agent has been assigned to protect have a tendency to meet unexpected ends Caliph, Gypsy, Killer, Liberty, Sister, Venom
Omerta This agent is completely unbreakable and will never reveal compromising information, even under torture All interrogation methods will fail to reduce this agent's will Caliph, Gypsy, Magician, Scar, Tsuba
Elite Elite agents are so expensive to hire that your superiors will only approve having one on your team Can only recruit one Elite agent during initial recruitment phase. However, it is possible to acquire additional Elite agents during the game through rare circumstances (such as obtaining Wolf) Ansturm, Double K, Espoir, Kepi Blanc, Magician, Red Sword, Shiva
Black Belt This agent is highly effective in unarmed combat Increased effectiveness in all extraction combat encounters when neutralizing enemies. Increased effectiveness when capturing enemy agents. Catch, Espoir, Punch, Saint, Shaolin
Exfiltration Expert An old hand at exfiltrations, this agent can complete such operations more quickly than their peers Reduced total transit distance when performing extractions. Increased likelihood of favorable outcomes from extraction choices. Espoir, Liberty, Magician, Robber
Patriot This resourceful agent is exceptionally well-connected. Operations in their home country will be quicker than usual Reduces mission duration when operating in the agent's home country Catch, Padma, Red Sword, Saint
Spy Hunter This agent is especially adept at disrupting enemy operations in your country. Increased effectiveness when investigating, countering, and capturing enemy agents Anuman, Inside Out, Red Sword
Anvil Running away is not an option for this agent. Banker, Enigma, Shiva
Nag This agent has a callous disregard for using firearms in public areas, disregarding the potential collateral damage. Shiva
Negotiator This agent is highly capable when it comes to bribing scientists to defect. Increased effectiveness on all Bribing attempts Banker, Green Crescent, Fortune, Tsuba, Zenith, Domingo
Smuggler This agent is involved in business of questionable legality, so will have no trouble finding weapons in enemy territory. Increases success chance and reduces time required to find a weapon in enemy countries. Increases chance of acquiring weapons during extractions. Caliph, Fortune, Ideal, Inside Out, Kepi Blanc, Rider, Scar, Tsuba
Ghost Particularly elusive, this agent will almost never be detected by counter-espionage. Greatly reduced probability of agent needing to flee a country due to a failed mission or high alert level Empress, Leak, Peace, Rider, Robber
Clumsy A lack of attention to detail means that this agent will never produce truly exceptional results. Reduced effectiveness on all missions (e.g. only partial information recovered on scientists and diplomats, less Sigma data stolen while hacking, etc.) Peace
Loyal This agent will never resign, no matter how far they are pushed. Agent will never resign regardless of player choices 88888888, 9413, Ansturm, Judge, Padma
Jailbreaker If captured, this agent may be able to escape from custody on their own. While captured by a hostile nation, agent has a small chance to escape on their own each turn Caliph, Magician, Robber
Temperamental This agent's temperamental nature means that they may react unpredictably to your orders. Agent will sometimes disregard orders and choose a different course of action Killer, Punch
Super-Intelligence +2 Intelligence Unlocked through MENTALIS technology
Ultra-Mobile Agent only takes one day to infiltrate a country Unlocked through STRATOS technology
Chameleon Agent can alter their facial structure at will, aiding in some exfiltration mission events Unlocked through CHAMELEON technology
Exoskeleton +2 Strength Unlocked through ARES technology
Cyborg Agent has greatly enhanced combat capabilities in exfiltration missions Unlocked through FORCE 1 technology

List of Scientist traits[edit | edit source]

There are a number of scientist traits.

Icon Trait Description Effect
Chaste Resistant to Seduction
Flighty Susceptible to Seduction
Incorruptible Resistant to Bribery
Corruptible Susceptible to Bribery
Loyal Resistant to Conversion
Without Ties Susceptible to Conversion
Misogynous Resistant to recruitment attempts by female agents
Misandrous Resistant to recruitment attempts by male agents
Charlatan Performs science at 50% of the normal rate
Genius Performs science at 150% of the normal rate
Universal Counts as a specialist for all research disciplines
Heartbroken Performs science at 50% of the normal rate

Can be removed if scientist is seduced by an agent.

Prisoner Performs science at 50% of the normal rate

Can be removed if scientist is returned to home country

Undetectable Resistant to all recruitment attempts
Geek Higher likelihood of recruitment by agents with the Hacker trait
Chauvinist Higher likelihood of recruitment by agents from the same country as the scientist